Real Life Words and Emotional Intelligence

Words which are un-necessary are easy to say sometimes without thinking but, these times should be minimal and we should think about and pondered our words before they are uttered.  We get too busy with the stresses of life, work and play and forget that words can heal or kill, they can cure or destroy.  Words spoken can bring hope and change, while they can also bring about chaos and pain.  The right words can resolve problems, make situations seem more curable.  It is always important to know that the words we speak are being spoken with the eagerness to heal, help and resolve rather than to create more chaos and disturbance. 

This doesn’t mean that we will never mistakenly say the wrong things or speak before we think.  It just means that we will be conscious of other people’s feelings and try our best to know what the situation calls for and if we need to say anything at all.  Life is, at its best lived in fast mode, with little time to take a breath for most of us and things go wrong.  But, being aware of our attitudes, emotions, and how we relate to others is most important.  We know that everyone can make a mistake and that resolving mistakes are easier if no one gets out of control.  Life doesn’t pull any punches for one more than it does another but some of us are better at seeing things in a different perspective and know when to keep our mouth shut…..or when to open it.

Being kind with our words will mean that we are aware of others people’s feelings and emotions also which in turn means that one has somehow managed their own emotional intelligence.  One of the most important parts of personal growth is “Emotional Intelligence,” and it is so necessary in the world we live in today.  Why?  It is said that many corporations are including in their hiring process, especially management; the fundamentals of “Emotional Intelligence” as part of their decisions for hiring.  Another why is; because someone who can score well in emotional intelligence is far more important to a company than someone who has all the technical skills; yet lacks the ability to deal well with people.

The best leaders/managers are those who can look at something gone wrong without getting bent out of shape and start trying to resolve the issue; rather than trying to place blame and trying to make another feel inadequate.  The latter helps nothing nor the situation gone bad; it only enhances the problem and delays the path to finding the cure or resolve.

These important people usually stand out in the crowd and everyone loves working with them because first; they do not have to say, “I’m the boss.”  They do not have to flaunt their abilities because they show them everyday by their actions of working not giving orders and they work well with “all” the team.  In fact, they love helping the weaker team members become strong.  They love to teach and motivate.  They have the ability to relate to other people’s needs and feelings without making issues or embarrassing anyone.  They know who they are, where they are going and how to get there.  These are the people most companies want in management to benefit their profits because they know they will get the job done; not by themselves but with the team.


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2 Responses to Real Life Words and Emotional Intelligence

  1. imatthes says:

    I’d be curious to see how they teach the “fundamentals of emotional intelligence.” I think most people give people around them too much credit when it comes to emotional intelligence (and then are shocked when they discover their error).

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