What Makes Us Happy


We are all very different and therefore the things that we enjoy, love and makes us happy are very unique.  Most of us learn a little later in life (sometimes too late) that being happy is not about material things.  It is not about wealth or fame but about finding within ourselves the ability to be at peace with who we are and where we are on the stage of life. Life things that make us happy have nothing to do with being rich; it is about knowing we are doing what we need to do for the present and for our future and we are at peace with where we are on our road to success.  Nothing wrong with being rich if   we gain our riches without stepping on anyone else’s toes.

When we are young we are busy making friends, finding that first love, needing approval of our friends and finding ways to be with the “in crowd.”  Yes, it is normal, but ….it would benefit most if when we were young we realized that life is not about how many friends from the “in crowd” we have, nor that first love.  Life is very different once we reach young adulthood and we start to think about the more serious things; like our life plan for the future.  We begin to think about what path we should take in a career and how are we going to sustain ourselves with the ups and downs of life. We may even asks the question; are we ready for real life.  If we have been taught the valuable things of life and the reality of life; we are a step ahead of those who have not.  We must learn to cherish those things which are real, the people who are real and be knowledgeable enough to know the difference.  Real life is not a game…really.

By this time we have learned that we do not get everything we want, because mom and dad’s ability to do that is completely gone.  They may have given us all we needed and more while we were at home; but life starts when we are out on our own and from then on, there is no let up.  We have to find our own way, our own life and the best way to live it.  If we have learned responsibility, we know that the game of life is a serious thing; and we can live it without fear of being inadequate. 

What is real happiness, we ask again?  Is it about riches?  Is it about how big our home is?  Is it about being a member of the country club?  What are the real things that are important that bring happiness to our life?  One of those things is realizing early in life, that the more education one has the better they are equipped to handle taking care of themselves and family someday. Education is important.  Does everyone fit into this crowd; heavens no.  The plan should be though, that it takes learning, devoting oneself to discipline of educating themselves about whatever field of work they are in.  It is about working to achieve excellence and being the best that one can be.

If some of us older could go back, we might trade some of our experience and high salaries for an education in something that would sustain us over into retirement age. Why, would one say this?  When we are young we want to tackle the world and do it quick, (sometimes)instead of making a plan and sticking to it.  Getting the education in a field where you can either save money for the future, have retirement plans and where the company or the profession (such as a treacher’s retirement or any state retirement) can make anyone’s future brighter and very note worthy.  Of course there are many people who do not have a college degree who have done applaudable things and have all they need for retirement.  They learned how to be conserative and they have managed to save what is needed for later in life.  One rule does not fit all…we are not implying that here. 

Not everyone wants to work for the government, be a teacher or go to college.  Not everyone needs to but…thinking about the future and planning your life accordingly, is not a bad idea.   There is nothing wrong with working a 8 to 5 job, but will it give you a substantial future or do you need to go back to school, take a course, change your career so that you can progress?  You will have to answer that questions.  Never settle for less when you can do more.  Do not let fear of change stop you if you have a desire to do more or something that just might make your future better.  What makes us happy is usually finding out that hard work, sometimes change and making right decisions is key.


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